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FAQs - Chatbot


An Overview of my project for the Master thesis.

Husam Abuhabib

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In this paper, I will try to give you a brief idea about the project of my master thesis which

Is, the  "Chatbot as a virtual assistant for International Students ".

1. What the system is going to be about and for whom?

The system will be as a chatbot Automatic Questions and Answers(Q&A).

The International Students at the Uni Bielefeld will be the target group of the system.

2. What is the system language and why this language?

English will be the main language of the system because we have a lot of international students who are registered in international study programs (precisely, English programs) and hence, will be helpful for them, also the most international Student understand it.

3. How it will work?

The System will contain answers to the most frequently asked questions from International Students in their daily lives in Bielefeld. Furthermore, it will provide automatically the answers for students.

4. What do you mean with Q&A?

From my experience, as a worker in Internationaler Studierenden Rat-ISR for around 3 years, I will be ranking the category of Q&A  that will be covered in the system. And it is going to start with the most frequently asked questions followed by small queries encountered in daily life.

5. What kind of Q&A?

The kind of Q&A might be as the following examples:

User: Where can I apply for scholarships?

Chatbot: Will ask some questions like in which study program you are in and what kind of scholarships you are searching for. Then, the system will provide the user with a list of scholarships that the user can apply for. And this list will contain varies resources such as  IO, ASTA, NGOs, Uni and so on.

User: Where can I play football?

Chatbot: The answer will be the time and the place for football course from hochschulsport.

User: What can I do at the weekend?

Chatbot: The answer will contain a list of events from various organizations such as IO, ASTA, ISR, VISIB and from the local activities in the city. In addition, the system will be able to provide answers to general questions such as office hour and open time for many places like IO office and Mensa and others.

6. How and where the chatbot will be provided?

The chatbot will be running on many platforms (e.g., web browser, Facebook, Google Assistant, etc) so that it covers as many international students as possible.

7. We have all the information on the internet, what is the need for your system?

That is true! However, first and foremost, the system will easily be accessed on any platform. And there is some information that will not be provided on the internet such as ‘flyers’, hence, the system will provide these kinds of information. Secondly, we do have a lot of useful information for international students, however, they are not written in the English language.